Laugh Productions hits the Jackpot!

A Touch of Paris

"A Touch of Paris" - On July 16, Laugh Productions has confirmed their new series, A Touch of Paris. The new series will be first introduced with a premiering movie, A Touch of Paris: The Movie. Austin lands an audition, in Paris! Ally needs to write a song in two weeks, Trish finds romance, Dez gets sick from eating bad le escargots. While writing the song, Austin and Ally start to feel something for each other, and in Paris, anything can happen. Mitch, Ally’s brother, has a tiny crush on Brianna, Austin’s sister when they first meet, but they become great friends. Friends with Benefits. Dez gets jealous of Trish's new French boyfriend. He crashes her date, and soon finds himself crushed as well. But not in the way that he thinks.

Creator Hannah Sonnier has confirmed 6 members of the cast, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez, Calum Worthy, Matthew Knight and Bridgit Mendler. Laugh Productions has finalized the movie, expected to premiere on October 26, 2012. After the movie, the series will then premiere. Austin & Ally’s feelings for each other grew as they encounter hardships and embark in different adventures together with their best friends, Trish & Dez, and siblings, Brianna and Mitch. Ally becomes a part of making Austin’s dream possible as she write her killer songs for him. Brianna becomes close friends with Mitch while Dez falls for his annoying, yet sweet best friend, Trish. Join the group as they live their lives, full of amazing adventures and dreams that was once just a thought.

The series is expected to premiere on November/December 2012. Laugh productions has ordered 10 episodes for the first season and production will start this August to September. Creator, Hannah Sonnier, will write the whole Season 1 of the new series.

"A Touch of Paris" carries a TV-G parental guideline.

Contact: Hannah Sonnier, Contact information coming soon