A High School Vampire, Confirmed!

A High School Vampire

"A High School Vampire" - On July 14, Laugh Productions has confirmed their new series, A High School vampire. Set in the town of Whitechapel in Toronto, best friends Austin Moon and Ally Dawson starts their lives, after being transferred from Miami, for a three year school exchange program. As they get to know more about the town, weird happenings starts occurring to them. Their suspicions of the town arouses when they meet a geeky freshman boy named Ethan, a seer who has visions when he touches anything paranormal, his best friend Benny, a spellmaster, and his vampire babysitter Sarah. Austin and Ally, with the help of their best friends, Trish and Dez, helps Ethan, Benny and Sarah with their supernatural adventures.

Creator Aaron Moon has confirmed 5 members of the main cast, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Matthew Knight, Vanessa Morgan and Atticus Mitchell. Recurring cast are Kate Todd, Cameron Kennedy, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy. Raini and Calum won't be in the series until the third, fourth or fifth episode of Season 1. The premiere episode, Pilot, is scheduled to air this coming October/November 2012.

Aaron Moon will write the whole Season 1 of the new series. Laugh productions is still deciding if A High School Vampire would be a limited one season twist of A High School Rockstar, or if it would grow into a separate series, having more than one season. Laugh Productions has ordered 18 episodes of the first Season, the finale being a movie.

Production has started early, together with the production of A High School Rockstar's Season 2.

"A High School Vampire" carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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