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A High School Vampire

Teen sitcom
Supernatural drama

Created By

Aaron Moon


Ross Lynch
Laura Marano
Vanessa Morgan
Matthew Knight
Atticus Mitchell

Theme Music Composer

Leslie Preston

Opening Theme

"Girl Next Door"

Country of Origin

United States



No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes


Executive Producer(s)

Aaron Moon

Production Company

Laugh Productions

Original Channel


Original Run


A High School Vampire is an series created by Aaron Moon. Production for the pilot episode will begin in late July 2012, and on July 13, 2012, it was announced that A High School Vampire had been picked up as a series. Laugh Productions has ordered 18 episodes for the first season. The first promo for the series will be released on August 2012. The series is scheduled to premiere between Winter 2012 and Spring 2013, but Laugh Productions has announced the premiere is 2013.


Set in the town of Whitechapel in Toronto, best friends Austin Moon and Ally Dawson starts their lives, after being transferred from Miami, for a three year school exchange program. As they get to know more about the town, weird happenings has occurred to them. Their suspicions of the town arouses when they meet a geeky freshman boy named Ethan, a seer who has visions when he touches anything paranormal, his best friend Benny, a spellmaster, and his vampire babysitter Sarah. Austin and Ally, with the help of their best friends, Trish and Dez, helps the Ethan, Benny and Sarah with their supernatural adventures.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Reccuring Cast and CharactersEdit

  Minor Cast & CharactersEdit

  • Noah Centino as Dallas
  • Cole Sand as Nelson 
  • Jill Benjamin as Mimi Moon
  • John Hensonas Mike Moon
  • Alan Thicke as Mr Kirk
  • Mindy Sterling As Ms Clemburger


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